Caro Jordanow

Singer Songwriter

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Caro Jordanow is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter, who is well versed and serious about her craft, and an artist, who loves to overcome genre boundaries.

In a very authentic way she blends familiar stylistic elements with her very own sound ideas and creates an incomparable musical cocktail that is inspired by songwriting of the present day as well as by tunes from classical folk, jazz, and soul music.

With the musical spotlight on the storytelling aspect, the depicted lyrical images range from intimate and yearning to sensitive and gentle. The themes are about beginnings and endings, about wishes and insightful conclusions. The lyrical images are precise enough for a quick emotional association but not as revealing as to prevent the listeners from discovering their very own interpretations of the songs even when listening to the pieces over and over again.


With her approach to songwriting Caro Jordanow accomplishes to circumnavigate the shallowness of modern pop, while successfully reaching the listener’s ears.

For almost ten years, she’s been touring many places in Germany as the lead singer and guitarist of her band “Caro Jordanow & Band”. As a professional recording artist she proved herself at several recording sessions (including sessions at the Hansa Studios Berlin and Nhow Studios Berlin) always showing a high level of flexibility, enthusiasm, and hunger for perfection.

After a break in 2017 she is now working as a professional songwriter.

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The Sound

Catchy and touching tunes with great hook lines
Melodies that stick in your head
Vibrant sound with elements of pop, folk, and jazz
Ingenious arrangements

Live Milestones

Stadtwerkefest 2016
Opener for Mia, Cyndi Lauper and Carlos Santana

Concerts all over Germany (Schlossgrabenfest Darmstadt, Osthafen Festival Frankfurt a.M., and many more)

Production Milestones

Debut EP release Writer of the Song
Debut album release planned for 2018
Production with René Jacobi
Production at Hansa Studios Berlin and nhow Studios
Music video for Writer of the Song, All or Nothing and more…

Media Features

TV feature on statewide RBB, SKB TV,
Potsdam TV
Press feature in PNN, MAZ, Events, and more
Radio feature on Radio Potsdam 89.2,
Radio Ffrapo, Deutschland Radio


Winner of “Potsdam on Stage” Contest
Opener for Mia, Cyndi Lauper, and Carlos Santana at the Stadtwerkefest Potsdam
Winner of the American “Song of the Year” Award
Winner of the art.gerecht Songwriter Contest
Finalist at Troubadour Modern Minstrels Contest
Semi-finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest

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Live Shows

2017 Dezember 09
Landhaus Hoisdorf
2017 September 16
Nacht der Kirchen
2017 June 21
Fête de la Musique @ Weberplatz
2016 September 17
Tag des Handwerks @ Luisenplatz
2016 Juli 09
Stadtwerkefest Potsdam
2016 Juni 24
Lindenpark Potsdam
Potsdam on Stage Finale
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